Hurm...hw should i start with? nt a kind of person who is knw wht 2 talk bout n wht should be talk..
usuaally i just talk wht is going on my mind....i always nt thinking before talk..&& i always regretting it when i talk something that i should nt talk...
haish..i hv 2 get rid of this habitla TT^TT
hurm...just forget bout this la...its get bored isnt it if u just continue talking bout this?
ok ok lets just me telling wht i wanna 2 talk bout..
act i wanna ask ur guys opinion bout friends request i get..
i dont 2 be brag or something...i just wanna ask u wht should i do with all this request?
should i just deny it? 
coz i dont wanna approve more peoples if they just didnt want 2 talk but want 2 add more peoples on their list!
plus im just nt comfortable with messaging n commenting that a guys sent 2 me..
u knwla wht kind of comments n msg ryte?
hurm....but i didnt want 2 be snobbish by nt approving they request?
wht should i do?
am i d one who should be blamed coz nt approving b4 knowing them?
haish...that is a question that is going on my mind over n over again!
but i do hv many msg n comments that i didnt replay it..
coz i am d type of person that is nt answer ur qeustion if i didnt like 2 answer it or i didnt like the question!
im just being me, me n me..
didnt want 2 be hyprocrtyte by pretend 2 be good friends n replaying all d comments eventho in my heart i hate 2 replay it! but...but...arhhhghh....its seem unfair if i just didnt replaying they
 comments n didnt wanna be friends with them b4 knowing them...
aigoo...i make it complicated ryte?
lol just forget bout this la..
haha i got a lot of free time so i just typing nonsense lol lol...
wtv la..hihi this is request i get 4 two days i on9 at tagged ^0^