Hurm.....when u read d title of this subject u must knw what im gonna talk bout ryte?

urm...mostly peoples dont like 2 be judging, but in real life or cyber life we will always be judge no matter wut.. eventho the person who is judging us didnt knw us well n nvr knw us 4 real!
n they just judging us n say whatever they like bout us ryte?
isnt it a cruel thing 2 do?
wht do u think?
if u in my shoes n u received a lot of msg that saying u r sombong [snobbish], arrogant, fake n a lot of bad things la...wht will u feel bout that?
do u knw i almost get that kind of msg everyday?
isnt is crazy?
they just judge me by the way i look in the pics eventho they nt knw me 4 real!
hey i can't replay or msg all d peoples on my list!
if they msg me i will replay back!
but when i received ur msg or comments n i didnt replay back it mean i didnt like ur msg or comments u sent 2 me!
i hv said clearly at my profile what i like n dont like peoples asking me..
so stop judging me n blamed me b'coz nt replaying ur msg or comments!
u dont hv d right 2 make me answer all ur question!
when u respect me i will respect u back..
i hv said clearly ady 2 my page what i didnt like 2 be hear...but u still asking me d same question over n over again!
plus im get rly sick when u said u rly wanna be my friends but u saying things wht i didnt like n keep asking a question that i rly didnt want 2 answer n u didnt read my profile b4 asking n saying whatever u want bout me..
it's make me sick ok?
if u think im not worth ur time 2 be ur friends then just go n  find some1 that u feel is good n nice 2 be ur friends..
im not gonna hypocryte n said hey im gonna be a nice friends 4 u no matter wut..
i will only say those words to my closed friends n my besties only..
i dont give a dam bout wht r u gonna say bout me now..
i just lived d way i want...
i am what i am im n i will nt changing myself only 2 make u happy kays?