Duh i hate 2 complain or said awful things in my own blog..
but this shit thing make me sick ady..
im sad n mad?!
duh y? y? y?
can't they stop reading my comments?
or just stop bothering me...
i dont need peoples keep flirting,talking shit thing...urm u knw bout wut kn?
that kind of people that cn only think bout that? ***!
haiya....stop bugging me ok?
just add me if u rly want 2 be my friends!
if u add me b'coz of other intention i will nt friends with u..
i got d person who i luv ady..
so get out if u just want 2 bothering me..
stop reading my comments!
can't i hv my own privacy in my own page?
can't i?
i knw im sound annoying ryte?
but there is thing call privacy..
u knw privacy?
nw i dont any choice 2 chatting on tagged.....got 2 use msg inbox only..
can't replay r chatting in comments nw..
they like 2 read wht i am talking bout..
im sad...sometime there is something that i dont want others 2 knw but only my friends ok.....
n i just couldn't  believe it there is a lot of people reading my comments!
&& u wanna knw hw do i knw when they reading my comments? o.O"
yeah u will surprised when i said this....
they usually said ' hey yah i knw bout u..u like him ryte? u said this ryte? haha i luv reading ur comment coz  blablablabla....this n that....' 
hw do u feel when a lot of peoples said that they read ur comments n knw seomthing bout u that u dont want others 2 knw?
wht do u will feel??
tell me...
gee...i hate this..
can't tagged make me hide my comments?
nw i dont rly feel want 2 approve all d request that i got..
i got pissed off with this shit ady..