Im missing d old time when we  r always chatting, commentings n talk per hours on msn....
i miss d time when we r so closed..
but y now we r nt closed like b4?
am i bothering u?
or im just a person that doesnt mean anything 2 u?
i knw i am nt so popular n not so cool or not so pretty..
but i want 2 be ur bestfriends, i want b2 with u when u r down or happy..
i want we 2 be like b4.. 
but y suddenly u change..
u seem nt interested anymore 2 friends with me..
sometime u r nt replaying my comments, sometime u replay it late...
i knw u hv a lot of friends that can make u happy..
but eventho u r not appreciating me i will always be urside no matter wut..
i will always look u n care 4 u...
eventho we r nt always communicate u still in my mind..
u r always be in my heart even u r my cyber friends only
i luv u n i will look u frm far..........