Hurm...first of all i want 2 apologize 2 all my friends if i hv hurted ur feeling without i knw or nt..
n i also want 2 apologize 2 all the peoples that i didnt relplaying ur comments or msg..
when i got 1 msg frm some1 yesterday it make me realised of something..
maybe all those peoples that keep asking me a questions that i didnt want 2 answer is nt so bad..maybe nt so bad at all...
they just want 2 knw me so badly..
i was shocked when i knw i am d reason that he use some1 pic just 2 friend with me..
coz he say i didnt replaying his comment or msg b4 this, im just ignore him...
then after he admitted that he's a fake one, he sent an apologize msg to me coz he pretend 2 be some1 else..
hey then i said its ok..he hv telling me the truth ady..
so i'll still be friend with u luh, i sad 2 him that im nt soooo choosy 2 pick some1 2 be my friends on tagged...
its just the way u sent me a msg or comments 2 me that cn effect my impression 2 me of u la..
i will automitically ignore ur msg or comments if u annoying me , saying all bad things n kn..
but dont say that i only want 2 be friends with pretty girls or pretty boys!
some of my friends r nt pretty ok!
im just need some time 2 get closed with u..
im nt easily get closed with some1..
plus if im saying the word 'i luv u' to my friends or some1 special is mean i rly mean it..
mostly people dont knw that...i rly mean it when i say it..
im nt the type of gal that cn easily saying luv...
so when im appreciating u, it mean i luv u more than u knw..
when im saying bout luv, there is some1 appear in my mind..
her name is Elsa, i ddnt knw why i luv her so much n care of her more than anything..
we usually chatting thru msn n commentings thru tagged...
there is a lot of my secret that she knw..
im nt the person that cn talk a lot most bout anything with any1..
but with her i cn say anything i want n tell her anything i want without worried bout anything..
she make my life happier when i started knowing her.
Elsa when u read this, i want u 2 knw that u're nt only my sys on tagged but u r my EVERYTHING! rmmbr that... i luv u always..............n will always luv u..
thx coz always be on my side when i need u...
u always be there when i need some1 2 talk or 2 telling bout hw my day been...
haha im beeing so emo ryte nw by telling u all these thing..
but i still want 2 tell u that u r the person that i rly need it in tagged..
can't happy without u in tagged life...or in my real life =)
hug u na o(^-^)o