When d first time i heard d news tht u;re dead, i was shocking. I still can;t believe it till nw..
i still rmmbr hw we meet thru net...hw we chat most bout everything thru tagged..
we chat n chat...n d way u chat make my day happy..coz u always replay like silly comments or funny comments..n n it make me smile...
i can't believe it tht u're ady gone...but i hope u will hv a peace frm ur world nw...
i knw u hv suffer a lot frm u relationship with ur gf...n hw u told us [me & ina ] bout tht..n hw u're too tired with life...we heard n we listen...n we still cn rmmbr it..
im just want u 2 knw, tht u will always in our heart no matter wht...eventho we just knw each other frm tagged, but d meaning of our friendship mean a lot 2 me...may god bless u..

frm d bottom of our heart
ina & ida