Hurm...act i didnt knw wht 2 say..coz i got so much 2 talk bout n there is a lot of things that is going on my mind...

first i want 2 talk bout wht is happen 2 me on this past few weeks..
well..for all my friends or peoples out there that still didnt knw that i ady taken nw u all going 2 knw that im ady going back 2 single life..
well....i didnt want 2 talk bout that much..
but wht i want 2 talk bout else..
a friend of mine who is so matured handling thing like that..
wht is she going thru is much more harder than me..
but she is much more tough n matured handling prob..nt like me..
i was so childish when it becomes 2 prob that i can't when it goes 2 heart prob...
urm...i was always acting like an idiot T_T'
but thx god...i hv a friends that i cn talk bout my prob..
idk...but i was very very relieved when i talk all bout my prob 2 takuya..
he's giving me a good advice n hearing all d things that i wanna say...
i cn say that he is such a very good LISTENER!
THX 2 HIM...he' always here 4 me..n ina..
she is always support me no matter wht! she is always here 4 me, n listen wht i want 2 say..
she cn understand me very well...
nw im become more understand bout love,friendship n more important is..i cn rly knw n cn feel who is rly my friends act or wht shall i say..'true friends'..
thx 2 prob..i cn realised a things that i can't see b4 this...
bout my vacation at cameron higland..hurm..i will talk bout it later...
that's all 4 nw..
hv a nice day ^.~