Lol idk wht i feel & idk wht i want 2 write..
act i didn knw why i feel i want 2 talk n wtire something here in my blog...
well maybe its b'coz i feel i want 2 talk bout something that i hv always thinking..
hhmm....act yesterday i was open his acc..
n i found there is a gal pic..
i ddint ask him or anything b4 i make a conclusion..
so here the mistake is...that i didnt ask 4 his explanation...
he act didnt upload the gal pic but it was a tag by his friend luh..
lol act its was not my only fault coz i didnt knw hw 2 use fb that cn make me misunderstand him..
so can't blamed me for
but when i knw the truth everything is become clear..
that i just didnt like him 2 be too closed with her..
act i didnt knw y...
i cn accpet if he closed with another gal..
but idk..its just my heart say that i didnt like he being too closed with her..
there is a reason 4 that act..but can't tell it here..
hihi let it be my secret only...^.~
so i hv make a fault by not asking him bout this..
n idk if he mad at me or wht..
im just cant talk to him if im mad..
coz i was a type of person that easy 2 cry over the small matter,n i was easy2  be hurt by some1 & i can't stop crying if im sad..
that is d main reason y i can't tell some1 bout my prob or talk 2 u or somebody else when im mad or sad..
lol its true i tell some of my friends on tagged or maybe most ot it ..its b'coz they can't see me crying..they just cn see the word that i typing over the msn or ym...
ina hv witnessed all of my weakness..
she hv saw me a lot of time when i was crying like a baby..
n im admit that im not thought like her..
i am wht i am..
i can't pretend im not sad or i can't pretend that i will nt crying..
i just let evrything be wht it will be n wht i want 2 be n wht i feel i want it 2 be..
act i was so scared 2 be hurted by some1..
coz i hv be hurted by some1 b4 this..
n it took me a months or maybe a year 2 forget bout it..
well i hv fall in luv b4 this & that is the 1 time n it hurt me..
hmm..i didnt want 2 talk bout that act....
wtv...i feel so numb ryte now...T_T
i hope everything will be ok soon.....